Friday, June 18, 2010

Shoots Update - How does my garden grow?

Like my library books and movie rentals, updated pictures of the summer garden are long overdue.  I haven't posted pics of the garden for quite some time...  Needless to say it has changed a LOT from the spring planting pictures earlier this season.  Here in NC, I can generally get at least three separate plantings into three seasons.  My spring planting has already yielded beets, cabbage, peas, lettuce, carrots, strawberries, green onions, herbs, and copious amounts of kale and kohlrabi.  I'm still transitioning from some spring crops, but my garden is quickly filling with a second planting.  So here is a long overdue overview of my transition to my second season garden!


  1. So much! I wish I could see it all in person! It isbeautiful! The zuccs. are exciting! What kind of strawberries are those?

  2. not sure of the name, but they are some kind of everbearing variety... so they produce a little bit all summer long instead of a lot all at once.