Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring is Coming!

It's been a while since my last post.  The holiday fervor took over where the garden left off!  But, I am getting ready again now for another spring.  Let's catch up!

Last fall, I was a little behind on getting my fall crops started, and the winter weather was a little ahead of schedule for North Carolina.  In short, my grand ideas for my fall garden never came to fruition.  The garden was never empty, but it wasn't exactly teeming with life.  A few mums, peas, beats, and Brussel sprouts were planted, and a few summer crops lingered on...  but little came of either.
On to the next season!

Over winter break, I've started getting ready for my spring garden, and the disappointment of fall is turning into excitement and a fierce resolve for spring!  How, you may ask, could I possibly be preparing for a spring garden when snow seems to have covered the ground here more often than not over the past month?  Over the next week, I'll outline the following things that have all been a part of my spring preparation...
  • Gardening Books - review old favorites and seek out new and innovative new reads.  Compile the most useful and pertinent information.  
  • Gardening Journal - catch up on anything that should have been noted in the fall, and start your scheduling and planning for this spring.  
  • Seed Starting - start your spring crops early indoors! 
Let's get started.

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