Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeds! Where to start?

Just a quick note on where to get seeds before we jump into my efforts at seed starting.  With the many stores, websites, and seed catalogs out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed with where to go for your seeds and what varieties to choose.  Below are a few key things to consider when purchasing seeds as well as a few of my favorite places to get them...
  1. Plant for Flavor and Beauty.  Plant things you will actually eat.  It's also a bonus if they'll add some nice color or texture to your beds (especially if your garden is on the curb, like mine).  But don't let this stop you from experimenting with things you've never tried before.  
  2. Plant Heirloom.  Try heirloom varieties!  This helps to maintain biodiversity by keeping many forgotten strains of fruits and vegetables growing in our gardens, avoiding the dangers of monocropping.  It's also really fun!  Experimenting with the many beautiful and sometimes strange varieties out there definitely beats the usual same-old, same-old at the supermarket. I love Seed Savers.  Getting their catalog (see pic to the right) each spring is like getting the toy catalog before Christmas when I was little.  
  3. Plant Regional.  Consider planting varieties that are known to do well in your region.  See previous post on books that will help with this.  If I hadn't done this, this Ohio girl may never have discovered okra...  so sad!
  4. Plant local.  Bypass the big box stores for a local garden center.  This will not only better support your local economy, but also, they will be able to provide a lot more advice and assistance on what to plant in your area and when to do it.  My favorite in this area for all of you in the triangle is Logan's Trading Co.  

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