Sunday, May 15, 2011

Housewarming Greens

I wanted to bring a bunch of greens as a house-warming gift, but as I was about to stuff them  in a plastic bag, I thought how much nicer a gift they would be as a big bouquet of greens!  I always think about how beautiful my greens are all together, so why not showcase that rather than hide them away in a bag in the bottom drawer of the fridge?  Also, my ruby streaks mustard is blooming like crazy right now, so it makes a great focal point to the center of my greens bouquet.  Whether they are for your own table or as a gift to someone else, they will be house-warming.  
What you'll need?
-large bunches of a variety of greens, here I used red kale, ruby chard, dinosaur kale, and ruby streaks mustard.
-any long-stem edible flowers from the garden, here I used bolted ruby streaks mustard flowers.
-large, pretty container

How to?
->  Just trim the greens and flowers by holding them up to the height you want them next to your container, and cutting off any excess on an angle.  I then arranged the greens in concentric circles by type (red kale, swiss chard, ruby streaks, dino kale, and then flowers in the center), and filled up my container with water.
~*Care and Tips:  The bouquet will last a few days on the counter, so you can just pull from it and use the greens as you need them.  After a couple of days, you could just put the whole thing in your fridge as is if it will fit, or you may need to bag them up.  If you give it as a gift, you may want to include a card with a few of your favorite greens recipes.  *~

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