Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gimme the beet blue-green apple salad

I can't get enough of fresh salad greens from the garden these days.  I am picking my Forellenschluss, Australian Yellow, Red Oak Leaf, and Flame lettuces as much as they can stand without completely picking them to death. My Ruby Streaks Mustard has bolted, but I still use small amounts of their frisee-esque leaves, despite their growing spicy, bitter taste, and their flowers add a spicy punch of yellow to my salads as well.  In this salad, green apples, blue cheese, and my Grandma's pickled beats top off fresh salad greens mixed with onions and herbs from the garden, all coated in a simple vinaigrette.  
-Several cups of torn salad greens
-Chopped green onion
-Chopped fresh herbs (I used dill, fennel, mint, and cilantro)
-2-3 Tbsp vinaigrette (I used a lemon juice, Dijon, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper mix)
-1/2 green apple, quartered and sliced thinly
-2 Tbsp blue cheese, crumbled
-4-5 small pickled beets

-Toss greens, onions and herbs together and coat with vinaigrette.  Top with apple, blue cheese, and beets.  That's it!

~*TIP:  I didn't have them on hand, but walnuts or pecans would make a great addition to this salad, and pears would be a great apple substitute depending on the season.  *~


  1. Gotta get some beets from mom and Im on it!
    Sorry Derek, Aunt Mae has to move home to help me cook.... your recipes are fantastic...unless it's Derek coming up with all of this. Then he must movein w us!