Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green Tomato Salsa Verde Mahi over Brothy Green Beans

This was a really fun dinner to make together and made use of some of the last few fading signs of summer...  green beans and green tomatoes.  With less than one month left before our expected first frost date, I've been pinching off the blossoms and small fruits from my tomatoes and peppers, hoping the plants will instead put the remainder of their energy into growing and ripening their last few remaining larger fruits.  With all of the smaller green tomatoes that I picked off the vines, we made this green tomato salsa verde (adapted from Simply in Season).  It was a great way to make use of even the smallest green tomatoes, that might normally go to waste.  
Salsa Verde:  
-roughly 2 c small green tomatoes, stemmed
-1 1/2 jalapeno, stemmed and seeded
-1/4 large onion, roughly chopped
-2 cloves garlic, peeled
-juice of one lime
-cilantro (optional)

->Toss everything into the blender or food processor and blend until smooth.  Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

-1 large filet of mahi mahi, cut in about 5-inch pieces

->Rinse filets and pat dry.  Mix spices in the proportions you prefer and rub on filets.  Heat a medium skillet over medium heat with enough oil to cover the bottom.  Place flilets in the pan skin side up.  Cook about 5 minutes or until browned  on that side and then flip skin-side down and cook until skin is also brown and crispy.  Remove from pan and use the same pan for the green beans below.

Green Beans:
-1/2 large onion, cut thinly
-1 Anaheim pepper, cut thinly
-4 large handfuls of green beans, stemmed
-2-3 c vegetable broth
-salt and pepper
-pinch of sugar (optional)

->Saute onions over medium heat in the same pan and oil used for the fish.  When onions are translucent, add pepper and saute until all are soft.  Add green beans and saute until the turn bright green.  Add enough broth to cover the beans and simmer until beans are tender.  Season with salt and pepper and add a pinch of sugar if there is any bitterness from the beans.

->Plate by ladling the green beans and broth into a large bowl, lay the fish on top and then drizzle with salsa verde.  Top with tortilla strips if desired (see TIP below).

~*TIP:  Cut soft corn tortillas in strips, drizzle them with oil, salt them, and then pop them in the toaster oven until golden and crispy.  Use them to top the dish above or any soups for a crunchy, salty addition.  *~

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