Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Spring Salad

As soon as I have enough leaves on my lettuce that they will survive even if I pick a few, I can't resist making a delicious spring salad.  Each of the greens used here (see below) were started from seed during those long winter months, and now they are fresh and beautiful in my salad bowl!  See my post from last year for a break down of my favorite dressings, toppings, and greens.  I just had to share how beautiful these are and how excited I am for it to be this time of year again.  
This salad has a mix of young oak leaf lettuce, forellenschluss lettuce, australian yellow lettuceruby streaks mustard, bordeaux spinach, very small young lacinato (or dinosaur) kale, and very young ruby chard.  These are all dressed with a simple olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, salt and pepper dressing, and a smear of local goat cheese thrown in the middle.  Simple.  Fresh. Beautiful.  And tasty!  


  1. So beautiful! Nothing can compare to that first taste of spring greens! We have to warm up a bit yet before we can enjoy this...but it's something to look forward to!