Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

I just wanted to take some time before Earth Day is officially over to contemplate some of the ways we can celebrate our earth through food, since that is really what this blog is all about.  Here is an Earth Day bouquet for you, freshly picked form our back yard.  ;)
And here are a few Earth Day recommendations for places to go for more information on food, the earth, and you:
  • Jamie Oliver TED Talk on Food - Great talk about the problems with food in our country and the effect it's having on all of us, especially kids.  
  • FRESH the Movie Trailer - Just saw this for the first time tonight!  Very similar to Food, Inc. (below), but a more of a focus on the great non-industrial food alternatives out there.  
  • Food, Inc. Movie Trailer - The go-to movie for information about the problems with our current food system and alternative ways to grow food.  
  • Michael Pollan Website - If you like the movies above, he'll fill in the details for you.  Pick up any book he's written to get started.  

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