Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pickled Kohlrabi Leaves

With my most recent kohlrabi harvest, because the actual kohlrabi stem did not really swell like it should on most of my plants, I am left with an abundance of kohlrabi greens to use.  I've put them to almost every use I can think of, but still I wondered, is there any way I could preserve these to use later?  Freeze them?  Can them?  Canning greens sounds gross, right?  But then I wondered if there would be a way to pickle kohlrabi leaves in the same way grape leaves are pickled.  Here is my attempt.  You could of course use this recipe on actual grape leaves or other sturdy greens.
-Kohlrabi greens, rinsed (at least 10 intact leaves bigger than your hand)
-2 tsp kosher salt
-1 c lemon juice
-1 quart water

->To prepare the kohlrabi leaves, cut stems off of leaves flush with leaf.  Trim thicker parts of stems off of back of leaves.  Blanch leaves by plunging them into boiling water until bright green then take out and stack flat.
Combine salt, water, and lemon juice and bring to a boil.
While waiting for liquid to boil, roll leaves up so that they will fit inside of a quart jar.  I rolled mine individually so that they would fill the entire jar, but if you had a lot of leaves, you could roll them in groups of three.  I find it works best to roll them like a burrito, fold in the sides of the leaf, and then roll them up.
Situate rolled leaves in a quart jar.  Pour hot liquid over the leaves, and put the lid and ring on the jar.  This would be the time to process the jar of kohlrabi leaves if you want to can them long term.  However, I planned to use them this week, so I just let the jar cool and then put it in the refrigerator.

~*TIP: See next post for how to use these to make home-made stuffed grape leaves, one of my favorites.*~

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